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At the beginning of 2016 our trade production association "ReFurbished Service" received the exclusive contract on representation in the market of Latvia of the DRAGON TONER trademark.

DRAGON TONER-qualitative expendables for printing devices are the laser and ink cartridges manufactured in China.

By production of cartridges the high-quality materials providing fine printing of images and the text are used only just. Testing is held according to requirements of the STMC standard, at high and low temperatures, high and low humidity that provides stable quality of products. In combination with a rigid control system of quality it allowed to exclude the rejected products almost completely. Huge efforts go for testing of products and development of new technologies to provide high quality of products and the first to present it at the market.

Cartridges of DRAGON TONER undergo strict production control of quality

also are checked according to the industry standards ISO/IEC 19752, 19798, 24711. All process of production and management is certified according to ISO standards 9001: 14001. According to the directive RoHS, cartridges do not contain lead, mercury, cadmium and other dangerous substances.   

DRAGON TONER cartridges it:

• The excellent quality guaranteeing the uninterrupted press.

• Affordable excellent price all.

• The organization of production in compliance with ISO 9001: 14001.

• The increased volume blackened, in comparison with OEM cartridges.

• Filled with high-quality ink and toners.

• The biggest range of available models for all popular trademarks.

• Attractive design of packing with the high level of protection of a cartridge.

• Presence of the list of compatible models of printers on packing.

• The enclosed instruction of installation of a cartridge.

• A guarantee 1 year after sale.

• Fast emergence of new models of cartridges for new printers.

Special attention is paid to packing of DRAGON TONER of cartridges.

  • On everyone the toner cartridge is available a control tape, protection of the chip and a photocylinder. All ink cartridges have a protection of an exhaust outlet or the printing head which prevents effluence or drying up of ink at long storage of a cartridge. Together with it on all DRAGON TONER tonerny cartridges there is a control seal in the form of a laser holographic sticker.


  • each cartridge is packed into black lightproof LDPE polyethylene packing by thickness which protects it from influence of moisture and dust at long storage. Also at packing of a cartridge there is an Airpaq-package protecting a cartridge from possible mechanical defects when transporting. And of course a color cardboard box of modern design on which the list of compatible printing devices for each type of a cartridge is displayed.


  • For the purpose of providing guarantee certificates, date of sale is applied on a cardboard box. Under the terms of a guarantee, the seller is obliged to provide a guarantee for any cartridges sold to DRAGON TONER within 12 months from the moment of sale.

  • For ensuring identification of products of DRAGON TONER, on each cartridge the special label with the QR code is pasted. The QR code is the matrix code (the two-dimensional barcode) developed by the Denso Wave company. The abbreviation of QR (quick response) means "a fast response". The simple program which is installed on the mobile phone is necessary for reading of this code. When scanning this label butt the unique, multidigit alphanumeric DRAGON TONER code in which all trade and production information on this cartridge is ciphered is shown. By means of this code it is possible to trace all history of production of a cartridge from use of component base before warehousing and shipment of finished goods to the official representative.


  • Together with it on a cartridge the separate label with the special eight-digit number consisting of letters and figures on which through the warehouse DRAGON TONER database, it is possible to define the lot number of cartridges, date of its delivery and production is also pasted. This database is an internal information system and is closed from the end user.


  • On the box is available etiquette with the barcode which as a matter of fact performs the same functions, as the label with the QR code on a cartridge and also serves for convenience of account when warehousing products.


All these elements of marking of products DRAGON TONER, give it uniqueness and allow to identify easily these products in relation to other producers and also serve as elements of protection against fakes and counterfeit products.